Spanish Love Drops Dirty Dancing - 30 ml

26.20 лв.

Spanish Love Drops Dirty Dancing – 30 ml

26.20 лв.


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Stimulates the sexual performance with L-arginine and Vitamin C.


– Improves the sexual performance
– Stimulates the erotic energy
– Supports the inner vitality
– Stimulates sexual desire and intimacy

Spanish love drops – Dirty dancing stimulate the lust in a unique way and provide additional sexual energy and optimal erotic excitement.
These drops with the delicious flavor of coke give a sexual stimulus, whereby the sexual desire enhances. Available in 10 different flavors.

Recommended use:

– Place 3 ml (15 drops) under the tongue before swallowing approximately 30 minutes before activity.
– Do not take more than 3 ml within 24 hours.
– Do not exceed the recommended daily serving.

Ingredients per 3 ml:

water, 40,5 mg L-arginine**, 15 mg vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid)(18,75% RDA*), flavours, preservatives: E211, E202.
*RDA: Recommended Daily Allowances. ** RDA not established.

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