Rope Cuff & Tether Set

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Explore the seduction of ancient Japanese rope-play with this beginner’s Rope Cuff and Tether Set. These sexy silk rope cuffs and tethers feel great on your body, but with a simple tug on the plastic cinch, you’re held comfortably captive and at the mercy of your lover! The cuffs and tethers all interconnect using sturdy plastic clips, allowing you to explore new positions you never thought were possible. The tethers also have loops at the opposite end of the clip, so you can slide them around a bed post or bed frame. Go ahead, use your imagination to combine the restraints and enjoy endless love-making possibilities. Experience the thrill of bondage and explore your deepest fetish fantasies! Includes: Rope Wrist Cuffs Rope Ankle Cuffs 4 Rope Tethers Free Satin Love Mask

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