RO-120mm Pleasure Me Panther

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RO-120mm Pleasure Me Panther

51.20 лв.


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You’ll purr with pure delight when this cat springs into action. Simply target your clitoris with its precision tapered tip and go in for the kill. 10 exhilarating functions offer you a myriad of ways to reach untold satisfaction; just the way you like, and new paths to pleasure. It’s added length can be used to guide its vibrations over your back and neck for sensual massage or rouse your senses with its larger girth for scintillating internal massage. Each stroke on your body is made smoother by its glistening chrome plated design. You’ve found a cat that’s not afraid to get wet. Feel like you’ve sunk deeper into your calming bath than ever before thanks to its 100% waterproof and fully-submersible design. Rouse the beautiful creature you are with the RO-120mm Pleasure Me Panther tattoo bullet vibrator.

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