Angela White Entice (2018)

170.12 лв.

Angela White Entice (2018)

170.12 лв.


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Fleshlight Girl Angela White Entice is the Fleshlight male masturbator which replicates Angela White’s butt. Available in realistic flesh tone color with her unique and exclusive Entice texture.

This texture embodies the class, grace, elegance and beauty of Angela White. Intermixed spirals of soft and stimulating surfaces create a wonderful, sensuous experience inside.

The Entice canal enhances the spiral-rib texture concept with new impressions and creates its own unique stimulation world. Because the spiral-rib has a lesser amount of windings (than for instance the Twisted canal) the caused „milking sensation“ is less intense noticeable but therefore the spiral-rib itself and the pointed bump stimulations are much more in the foreground.

The many bumps on top of the spiral-rib provide an intense stimulation and it is great to how tight the rib is winding around the penis shaft.

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