Air-Tech - Reusable Vacuum Cup - Ultra

79.00 лв.

Air-Tech – Reusable Vacuum Cup – Ultra

79.00 лв.


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You want to enjoy a great pleasure sensation that is very easy to use? Then let yourself be pampered by the aerostimulation of the Air-Tech masturbators! The silver Ultra Cup is the largest Air-Tech Cup from Tenga to date (1.2x larger) and will spoil you to the most beautiful climaxes over and over again with its intricately designed interior. This Air-Tech version is the perfect choice for all those who need/want a greater insertion depth and diameter than with the standard Air-Tech cups (standard Air-Tech: 15 cm insertion depth/4.5 cm diameter, Ultra Air-Tech: 17.5 cm insertion depth/6 cm diameter). Due to its size, the suction and aero effect is increased, so that the Air-Tech Ultra Cup is not only suitable for men with larger penises, but for all those who like a strong suction and pampering sensation. Experience the most incredible and beautiful feelings and climaxes again and again thanks to the reusable shape mentioned above! The Air Tech Cups can be used several times. Simply remove the insert, clean the insert and the outer shell and let everything dry. The cup is ready for the next round of pleasure!

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